Jira Automation

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Before Aug 12, 2021
Thu Aug 26, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (AEST)
Online - Remote Training (Live Instructor)  

Learn to reduce project complexity through well-crafted automation.
Automation in Jira Cloud allows you to create automation rules based on dozens of triggers, extending the value of Jira and empowering your entire team to manage process consistency and productivity.

In this course, you’ll come to understand how powerful—and fun—this Jira Cloud feature can be. You’ll learn how to efficiently create automation rules with results that match your intentions and match your team’s work processes. Explore how to integrate Jira with other tools like Slack, email, Bitbucket, GitHub, and any webhook-enabled services.


  • Jira Automation overview
  • Workflow rules
  • Administration
  • Smart values
  • Branch rules
  • Integrating with other products
  • Jira Service Desk rules

Online Course
Due to current disruption, we have reworked our courses and are delivering all current public courses as a remote training course. This will:

  • Be conducted over video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Have a live instructor doing presentations and demonstrations
  • Have web-based lab instances for you to complete all hands-on activities
  • Provide online versions of all notes and workbooks
  • Include interactive discussion, quizzes and polls

Lauren Allen

Atlassian Trainer
Online - Remote Training (Live Instructor)